Offsite Backup Solutions:

Is your company's data safe? 

Many people use standard backup solutions (external hard drives, thumb drives, tapes) as their only means of data protection. What happens if that media fails? Or worse, what if it's lost, stolen, or destroyed?

Protect your data.

Web-based or offsite backups allow you to store and protect data in a secure location. Your company's data is pushed after hours to a secure data storage facility.  In the event of any kind of hardware failure, theft, or natural disaster, your data is restored from the data center with the click of a mouse.

Why Gillware?

There are many offsite backup solutions on the market today. You may have heard of well marketed consumer systems like Carbonite or Mozy. These companies are known to throttle both the downloading AND uploading of your data. Basically meaning that if your data was lost, it could take days or even weeks to get it all back. Can your business afford to be down? 
  • Gillware does not throttle uploading or downloading of data from their storage facility.
  • Gillware is HIPAA & SOX Compliant - They are secured for medical & financial industries standards.
  • Gillware also offers clean-room data recovery services for all sorts of media: flash drives, sd cards, hard drives & more.

Call us today a pricing quote. Don't be another victim of data loss!

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