Let Geek On Wheels Build You a Custom PC today!Do you need a custom built computer?

We build computers specifically to your needs. From the high-end gaming machine to your next office PC, Geek On Wheels will design a machine to fit your exact needs.  Not sure what kind of computer you require? Contact Geek On Wheels and let our experts provide you with a free consultation.

Highest Quality Components - 1 to 2 Year Warranty

We build it like we own it. The thinking behind this is you get a computer we would like to have ourselves. Fast, secure, reliable and stable!

Geek On Wheels realizes that you have many choices as to where to purchase your next computer. Why should you consider buying your next computer from Geek On Wheels?
  • Your computer comes with a 1-2 year parts and labor warranty.
  • Our computers are built 100% from the factory, 100% upgradeable.
  • NO proprietary technology
  • No shipping your computer off for weeks at a time for repair, or waiting for the manufacturer to send replacement parts. We are 100% local and can service your machine in just a few days max.
Geek On Wheels builds computers just for you. What does this mean? This means that unlike the large computer superstores we actually talk to you and ask you questions about how you plan to use your new computer. Then we can give you a estimate on a computer that was built specifically for you and not for a thousand other people as well. Unlike the big computer companies Geek On Wheels builds computers with industry standard equipment. This means that the hardware is interchangeable with any brand name part you wish to use in the future.
It is an unfortunate fact that many builders and brand name computer manufacturers use low-quality, low-wattage power supplies, flimsy cases and poorly manufactured "all-in-one" motherboards in their systems. What seems like a "bargain" today can end up being an expensive mistake. Before you buy a system from anyone, ask questions. We use only high quality components, built to last and easy to upgrade. Purchasing a computer is an investment and having Geek On Wheels guide you through finding the best parts for your money is the only way to buy a new system. With hundreds of choices of pre-built computers and thousands of different manufacturer parts, it can be hard to determine what is the best for you and your needs. What is the best video card? Who makes the best motherboards? What you might need if you are a hard core gamer is going to be different than if you are a home office computer or business user. Geek On Wheels makes sure you get the best system for your needs and that will fit your budget.

Call us at 940-382-8644 for more information about custom systems.
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