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When upgrading or building a new PC, there are clearly many different considerations, not the least of which is the rapidly changing technology. It is only too easy to wait another month or two to see what is going to happen. Think of it this way: cars keep changing, but when you need a new one, you don't avoid purchasing it because the next model year might be better. If you did, then you'd be stuck with a vehicle that constantly needs repair and turns into a money-pit. A PC is much the same. If it can't keep up with the superhighway of the Internet and software applications, it isn't providing what you need.

Open Computer System Image There are many things to take into account when determining your needs. Is the software you use regularly making heavy graphics demands? Perhaps you should upgrade not only the video card, but also the motherboard to take advantage of AGP technology and faster bus speeds. Perhaps all you really need is more memory. The bottom line is to identify what you're trying to accomplish, and make decisions based on that.

Finally, make sure that you've paid attention to what's going on in the computer world.
Consider where there have been major advances, such as increases in bus speeds or the implementation of new technologies. Look for major changes in direction, such as the current one from CRT's to LCD panels. Then, just go for it! (But don't forget to backup your system before making any changes to it!)

Geek on Wheels can help with all of this! If you simply need guidance or want us to take care of every detail, Geek on Wheels will make sure your new or upgraded system is everything you need and more.

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